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Monthly Archives: November 2018

  • It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

    We love the holiday season with family get-togethers, good food, gifts and loved ones that make life tremendously meaningful. We will spend hours shopping for our loved ones and cooking our holiday feast from our favorite recipes.

    Whether we are baking Christmas cookies with Lemon and Rosemary or putting oranges in Christmas stockings, citrus are a big part of the Christmas holiday and with it brings warm feeling of nostalgia.

    Each and every year, we decorate to beautify our homes and make them look inviting.
    With wreaths of green and colors of silver, gold, red, orange and blue, and trees made up of our kids holiday trinkets, along with our baby’s first Christmas ornaments and keepsakes that help make our holiday special and unique.

    This year why not start a tradition of your own that is unique that could define a new tradition in your family?

    Of course we will keep the old traditions alive because they are special to us and that is why we continue them, but we can create new ones that will inspire generations and they may pass on from us our own unique ideas of holiday cheer. It’s an exciting thought to create a tradition that might get passed down to our children and future generations.

    Trees are just part of the holiday cheer and tabletop citrus not only make a beautiful centerpiece but also bring the citrus smell of Christmas into the environment, that continues on long after the Christmas Holiday and New Years.

      Best Trees To Buy For The Holidays

    Clementine Trees are also known as the Christmas Orange Tree and they produce bright mandarin oranges which are smaller than the average oranges,. The fruit is incredibly sweet, seedless, and easy to peel, making it a great orange for even small children.

    The Meyer Lemon is a fabulous tree for any occasion, it’s ever-bearing quality makes it one of those “must have trees” it is simply a gorgeous tree and because it can bloom anytime of year, its a real favorite and helps bring springtime into our homes. Long winters can be a bit depressing with the cold, especially in northern regions of the United States where blizzards can keep us restricted to the indoors. A Meyer Lemon Tree can make the space substantially less depressing as it blooms and produces flowers and fruit.

    Persian and Key Limes are favored fruit for those football fans that love to drink while watching their favorite teams, or just for holiday get-togethers. Garnishes of lime wedges are meant to enhance the existing flavor of beverages. Limes are used for cocktails, beer, desserts and succulent meat dishes.

    Meiwa Kumquat is a lovely tree that produces small round orange fruit about the size of a large cherry tomato. The whole fruit can be eaten including the peel. It's a sweet-tart flavor balance. The fruit makes fabulous ingredient for favorite desserts and beverages.

    Our trees are simply a unique gift idea and can make winter less depressing and dress up the Holidays with good will, give homegrown ingredients and make a wonderful conversation piece for your special holiday that could cause generations after you to follow in your footsteps as they desire to keep your tradition alive.

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