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Problem Solver FAQ


Ordering & Basic Info

Q Do I live in the right zone?
Q Do you ship during the Cold Winter Months?
Q What Types of Trees for Sale?
Q When will my Order be Shipped?

Growing Dwarf Citrus Essential Tips

Q How do I Treat Damage Caused By Frost & Freezing?
Q How should I fertilize my Citrus Tree and what should I use?
Q What are the Citrus Tree Preparations for Frost?
Q What is the Productivity & Ripening Time for Citrus?
Q What's the proper way to Water my Citrus Tree?
Q Why should I Prune my Citrus Tree?

Dwarf Citrus Indoor Growing

Q Can I Grow Dwarf Citrus Hydroponically?
Q How do I Provide Proper Humidity Levels?
Q How to Grow Dwarf Citrus Indoors & Outdoors?
Q What are the Best Citrus Varieties for Growing Indoors?

Dwarf Citrus Commonly Asked Questions

Q Are Citrus Tree Leaves edible?
Q Can I determine Ripeness by the Color of the Fruit?
Q Can I Grow Citrus from Seed?
Q Can I Prune the Thorns on my Citrus Tree?
Q Can I use Mulch with my Citrus Tree?
Q How do I Pollinate by Hand?
Q How do I protect my tree from too Much Heat & Sunburn?
Q How do I Select the Best Containers?
Q How do I Transplant my Citrus Tree?
Q What are the Best Citrus Varieties for Bonsai?
Q What are the Citrus Heat & Fruit Ripening Requirements?
Q What causes Excessive Production of Blooms & Fruit?
Q Why are my lemons and Citrus Fruit still Green?
Q Why is my Citrus Fruit Deformed?
Q Why is my tree Growing Oversized Leaves?

Solving Common Citrus Problems

Q How can I treat Pest Issues & Other Ailments?
Q What are Water Sprouts?
Q What causes Leaf, Bloom & Fruit Drop & Twig Die Back?
Q What causes Yellowing Leaves on Citrus Trees?
Q Why does my Citrus Tree have Curling Leaves?
Q Why isn't my tree Producing Fruit?