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Dwarf Citrus Commonly Asked Questions

Q Are Citrus Tree Leaves Edible?
Q Can I Determine Ripeness By The Color Of The Fruit?
Q Can I Grow Citrus From Seed?
Q Can I Prune The Thorns On My Citrus Tree?
Q Can I Use Mulch With My Citrus Tree?
Q How do I Pollinate by Hand?
Q How Do I Protect My Tree From Too Much Heat & Sunburn?
Q How Do I Select The Best Containers?
Q How Do I Transplant My Citrus Tree?
Q What Are The Best Citrus Varieties For Bonsai?
Q What Are The Citrus Heat & Fruit Ripening Requirements?
Q What Causes Excessive Production Of Blooms & Fruit?
Q Why Are My Lemons And Citrus Fruit Still Green?
Q Why Is My Citrus Fruit Deformed?
Q Why Is My Tree Growing Oversized Leaves?