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Our Citrus & Fruit Trees are nurtured by extremely experienced growers at our sixth-generation family farm. Each plant or tree that leaves our farm is approved by the USDA and ships directly from our farm to your door. We started our first online store back in 2004. Back then, we were the only farm selling citrus trees online. We have seen many mail order companies come and go in our time but we are still here! It is our mission to provide the best producing and healthiest trees in the country. This is why all of our trees and plants come with a free warranty. This warranty guarantees a free replacement if your tree dies under normal circumstances - you just cover the shipping costs. We genuinely care about our customers and want them to enjoy growing their own tropical plants and trees. Please contact us at (229) 299-5555 if you have any questions, concerns or prefer to order over the phone. Email us anytime at

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Tree Description:

The Wonderful Pomegranate is known for its plentiful juice and tangy sweet taste. The arils of the Wonderful are a bright ruby red color which contains powerful antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin K and fiber. They are great for snacking and for use in recipes. The tree is ornamental and makes a beautiful addition to your yard. It also works well as a container-grown plant that will enhance your home's decor. Pomegranates are best kept in a well draining soil such as a Cactus or Citrus Blend. Pomegranates are deciduous trees and will shed their leaves in the fall. They prefer full sun for the best fruit production. Pomegranates are cold hardy in USDA Zones 8-11. 


Wonderful Pomegranate Trees blossom in the spring. It should be noted we do not ship with fruit on them. With a juvenile tree, we recommend foregoing fruit the first year or two to allow the tree to become more established. The tree will be more capable of producing quality fruit with this practice.

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