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Blueberry Care Guide

Rabbiteye Blueberries are the most adaptable, productive and pest-tolerant of the three types of blueberries.
We carry the Climax and Brightwell varieties, you need both to produce Rabbiteye Blueberries as they cross-pollinate with each other for fruit production.

Planting Zones
The Blueberry can be planted in USDA growing zones 9-11 only.
Trees and bushes that are planted in the ground that experience freezing temperatures above zone 8 need protection in unusual inclement weather.
Planting in the wrong hardiness zone will void the warranty.
Planting zones- https://planthardiness.ars.usda.gov/PHZMWeb/

Planting In The Ground
1. Do not plant a Blueberry in a space where an old tree or bush has died, the soil may be contaminated and create problems. The area should be free from clumps, rocks, insects, sticks, and weeds.
2. The location should be chosen that is sunny, in a well-draining area. Avoid areas with heavy clay soil or sandy areas.
3. Place the potted blueberry in a chosen location for 2 weeks and allow it to acclimate to the area before you plant in the ground.
4. Dig a hole double the width of the root ball or double the size of the pot and fill with water and wait 24 hours.
5. Fill the hole with water again. If water has drained from the hole within an hour this area has good drainage and the blueberry can be planted.
6. If the area has bad drainage choose another area.
7. Add well-draining soil into the hole and remove the plant from the pot.
8. Place the plant in the hole. DO NOT allow it to drop down into the hole-The soil line of the plant should be above the existing soil grade approximate 1-2 inches above the existing grade.
9. Do not pile mulch close to the bush.
10. Keep other plants away from the blueberry by creating a 4-5-foot circumference around the trunk area. Weeds allowed to grow around the plants base compete for water and nutrients, so pull them up as they appear.
11. Start planting blueberries as early in the spring as possible. Water the plants after you put them into the ground.
12. Blueberry plants will produce berries for 15 to 20 years if you provide proper care.
13. Fertilize the ground as soon as you can in the spring and give the growing blueberry plants about an inch of water per week. Use a balanced fertilizer (10-10-10 or for Azaleas works well) Make sure to water between rainy times. Weed as necessary.

Use mulch for ground planted trees and plants only.
Maintain a 3-4 inch layer of mulch around the blueberry to retain soil moisture and improve soil quality
Apply the mulch in the spring and fall under the canopy.
Avoid piling mulch against the trunk.
The plant trunk needs air circulation, without circulation, the truck could rot away from the root ball so avoid piling soil and mulch close to the truck area of the plant.

Aggressive, annual pruning will result in healthier, more vigorous plants and more prolific fruit production.

Blueberries can be planted as close as 2 - 2½ feet apart to form solid hedgerows or spaced up to 6 feet apart and grown individually.

It's ideal to fertilize once in early spring and again in late spring. Always water thoroughly after fertilizing.
Avoid using manures as they can damage the plant.

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