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Miracle Fruit Plant Care Instructions

Miracle Berry plant,  (Synsepalum Dulcificum)  originated from West Africa, the exotic small red fruit that makes food taste sweet. The berry has a peculiar ability which alters taste-modifying activity in which sour stimuli produces a sweet perception. The Miraculin in the plump red berries modifies the taste of sour fruits. Making them taste sweet.
Miracle fruit berries have primarily been used as a taste phenomenon at miracle berry parties where guests eat a miracle berry and then indulge in wedges of lime, lemon, and other sour fruit.
Parties and restaurants serve their patrons or friends the berry, and for the next, 30 minutes to an hour they enjoy a “flavor-tripping” experience as sour tasting fruits turn to a delicious sweetness. Researchers have found that miracle fruit has the ability to improve insulin sensitivity and the miracle berry could also serve as an antioxidant-rich fruit which provides health-promoting function.
For those who have a sweet tooth but are diabetic, this health enriching berry is a real miracle that turns sour food into sweet satisfaction for the taste buds.

The Miracle Plant/Tree succeeds only in acidic soils and high humidity.
Misting will help in dry conditions or when the tree is indoors for the winter.
The plant grows best in soils with a Ph of 4.5 to 5.8
Even if you can’t grow the Miracle plant in your backyard, you can grow them in pots. Growing your very own miracle fruit is no longer dedicated to those who live in the sunny south, but can be enjoyed by everyone throughout the United States. Growers in colder regions can now happily benefit growing this indoor plant. Enjoying potted trees in decorative pots are attractive on a patio or an apartment balcony.

Planting Zones
In colder zones or during freezing weather, take the trees indoors when temperatures at night are below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
These tips can help you on the way to successfully grow in containers.
For directions on planting in zones 9-11 only: https://lemoncitrustree.com/store/growing-citrus-ground
Our Miracle plant can be planted in USDA growing zones 9-11 only.
Trees that are planted in the ground that experience freezing temperatures above Zone 8 need protection in unusually inclement weather. Cloth covers can protect trees from frigid winter temperatures.
Planting in the wrong hardiness zone will void the warranty.
Planting zones: https://planthardiness.ars.usda.gov/PHZMWeb/

The Potted Miracle
Place potted trees indoors when temperatures fall below 50 degrees Fahrenheit at night.
The Miracle trees can be grown in decorative pots indoors and survive inside for the winter months at room temperatures near a sunny window.
Avoid placing your tree near a heat vent.
The tree needs about 6 hours of full sun daily, add additional lighting indoors.
Do not re-pot until you have had the tree at least 2 weeks, the tree needs time to adjust
Never plant a tree in a container more substantial than a 10-gallon pot. Always water according to pot size, with a moisture meter. Drilling additional holes in the pot is an easy way to improve drainage.
When repotting DO NOT transplant using stones in the bottom of the pot or use stones on top as a decoration, this will cause a drainage issue and lock moisture into the pot which will cause root rot.
Select the right sized pot with adequate drainage holes. If the pot has no holes on the side or bottom, it is not the correct pot for planting.
Self-watering is incorrect watering, self-watering is not infrequent deep watering.

Planting In The Ground
1. Do not plant a new tree in a space where an old tree had died, the soil may be contaminated and create problems for your new plant.
2. The location should be chosen that is sunny, protected from wind and a well-draining area.
3. Place the potted tree in a chosen location for 2 weeks and allow the tree to acclimate to the area before you plant in the ground.
4. Dig a hole double the width of the root ball or double the size of the pot and fill with water and wait 24 hours.
5. Fill the hole with water again. If water has drained from the hole within an hour this area has good drainage and the tree can be planted.
6. If the area has terrible drainage choose another area. Trees are susceptible to root rot and need to be planted in right drainage areas.
7. Add a mixture of compost and potting mix into the hole and remove the tree from the pot.
8. Place tree in the hole. DO NOT allow the tree to drop down into the hole-The soil line of the tree should be above the existing soil grade approximate1-2 inches above the existing grade.
9. Do not bury the root-crown with soil or mulch. A photo of the root crown can be found here: https://lemoncitrustree.com/store/pest-disease
10. Keep other plants away from the tree.  Having a 5-foot circumference around the trunk will ensure the tree is not robbed of moisture and nutrients.

Full Sun
Miracle trees require full sun to part shade. The tree should be planted where the hottest part of the day it receives some partial shade during the hot summer months. 

Do not overwater
Overwatering is a significant factor in causing root rot.
Miracle trees in containers need consistent, infrequent watering. We recommend a moisture meter to monitor the moisture level at the roots.

Deep Watering Method For Potted Trees
Trees will die if they don't have the necessary requirements, incorrect watering is the most common cause of issues and tree death.
1. Check the tree with a moisture meter before watering.
2. The prong should be deep into the pot.
3. Only water when the meter reads 4 (for a meter with a range from 1-1
All trees require deep watering. Deep watering is drenching the soil until water pours from the holes at the bottom of the pot.
5. Watering with a few cups is not acceptable, this will cause deep roots to die. Never be stingy with the water when the tree needs to be watered.
6. Once the tree has been watered properly, check it with a moisture meter again to make sure the meter reads high ( 9 or 10) and then do not water again until the meter reads 4.
7. In the winter you will water far less, about twice a month (But always check the tree with a meter weekly because this can vary).
8. The meter should never be left in the pot when not in use.
9. Never water with cold water in the winter.
10. Never water the tree with water from a water softener.
A space between the bottom of the pot and the tray that catches the water is required.

Use mulch for ground planted trees only. Never use mulch for a potted tree, mulch can impede drying and cause root rot.
Maintain a 3-4 inch layer of mulch around the tree to retain soil moisture and improve soil quality.
Apply the mulch in the spring and fall under the canopy of the tree.
Avoid piling mulch against the trunk of the tree.
The tree trunk needs air circulation, without circulation, the truck could rot away from the root ball so avoid piling soil and mulch close to the root crown and tree truck.

Miracle plants/trees should be pruned minimally.

Miracle trees should be fed on a regular basis, nutrients are required for the tree to remain healthy and bear fruit.
Fertilize with a well-balanced citrus/avocado food using the manufacturer’s recommendations.
The tree thrives in acidic soil. Fertilizing with Azalea food, Miracid or any fertilizer for acid-loving plants should be regularly added for container grown Miracle plants.
For trees in pots in the tropical areas of the United States, you can add some moss and perlite with the soil to keep the planting soil from drying in sweltering conditions.


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