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The Celeste Fig produces a small brown-to-purple colored fruit. It is one of the more cold-hardy of fig varieties. The tree is large, vigorous and very productive. Celeste usually does not have a Breba crop; the main crop ripens in mid-June. Celeste fruit has a tightly closed eye which inhibits the entry of the dried fruit beetle. The fruit does not experience excessive souring on the tree. Celeste has excellent, fresh dessert quality with a rich sweet flavor. The figs can be frozen or processed as fig preserves. Do not prune mature Celeste trees heavily because this can reduce the crop. Fig trees are tolerant of poorly drained soils and grow well in relatively infertile soils. The trees will have a higher yield with a monthly fertilizing program and deep watering twice a month in summer.


Growing Zones:

Figs are Cold Hardy in USDA Growing Zones 8-10. They are successful as a container-grown plant in all Growing Zones if brought indoors for the winter.

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